Glow Yoga Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Monday 5:45am

Wednesday 5:45am

Services                                              Jen 251-752-8790

For Thai Yoga Therapy, Private Yoga or Reiki Call for Appointment


Gulf Shores First Presbyterian  

Tuesday 5:45pm

​Sunday 5:45pm Gentle 

Orange Beach Yoga

Monday    5:15pm  Gentle Dreamy

tuesday     6:45am Empower Hour

friday       6:45am  empower hour

saturday   10:00am Soul Flow

Treatment Packages

 The Healer             Thai Yoga Massage

                                $80 an hour

 The Heavenly         one hour private yoga followed by one hour of thai yoga massage & reiki



The  Heart melter   Reiki Shakti energy healing treatment

                                $70 an hour

jen hammonds

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